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Privacy Policy

Trayd Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") values the protection of the personal information of members who use the Koala service (hereinafter referred to as "Koala"), an economic information curation service (mobile app service), and is always doing our best to protect the members' personal information.

The company complies with all personal information protection laws, including the Personal Information Protection Act, which is a major law related to personal information protection, and notices, instructions, and guidelines enacted by related state agencies.

The company has enacted and complies with the personal information processing policy as follows, and it is disclosed to the services operated by the company (including web and mobile sites and smartphone apps) so that members can always easily access them.

This personal information processing policy applies to members who use Koala services and all Koala -related services, and contains the following information on the purpose and method of personal information provided by members and what measures are taken to protect personal information.

Purpose of collecting and using personal information

We collect the minimum amount of personal information necessary in the process of signing up for membership, using service and customer centers, participating in events, and inquiring about fax/phone calls, and are notifying and seeking consent in advance.

  • Collect essential information necessary to perform the essential functions of the Koala service.

  • Additional information required for optional purposes (providing additional services or functions) is collected by dividing it into optional items. (Even if you do not agree with the optional purpose, there is no restriction on service use.)

  • Service usage records, IP addresses, cookies, access device model names, and OS information are automatically generated and collected, and are used for the purpose of preventing fraudulent use, checking usage history, access frequency and usage statistics, handling customer inquiries, and improving services.


Personal information collected at the membership stage

  1. In the case of members of New Radio based on social platforms,

The contents below include classification, surrender of collection, and purpose of use. Purpose of use of collection and use items [essential items]

Social platform accounts, e-mails, date of birth, gender, encrypted user confirmation values (CI)- Membership identification and confirmation of subscription intention, and operation of membership services.

  • (In the case of children under the age of 14) Confirmation of the consent of the legal representative.

  • Secure communication paths for delivering important notices such as delivery of service notices (including event winning information) and handling customer inquiries.

  • Sanctions on violations of various laws and regulations related to services and illegal use of services.

  • Utilization of promotional and marketing such as events, new/reorganized products, service information, and notices.

Personal information collected additionally during the service use stage For customer counseling, personal information collected additionally.


The period of retention and use of personal information collected

If the purpose of withdrawal from membership, collection and use of personal information is achieved, the member's personal information will be destroyed without delay. However, the member's personal information is exceptionally retained for each of the reasons and period below.

  1. In the case of internal company policy,

  • Prevention of re-registration of defective users, prevention of fraudulent use, billing for customers who have not paid service fees, and responding to other complaints.

  • Period of retention: 6 months after withdrawal from the membership ( Provided, That when the fee is paid in full in case of unpaid fee claim, until the civil complaint is resolved in case of response to civil complaint)

  • Retention information: ID, name, email, mobile phone number, encrypted identification information of the same person (CI), subscription date, withdrawal date, Naver, and Kakao account.

  1. Where a member directly requests the preservation of personal information or when the company individually obtains the consent of the member.

  • retention period and retention information: items requested or agreed by members • retention for the relevant period only.

  1. In a case where it is determined to be preserved without the consent of the user in accordance with laws and regulations.

<Preservation period: 5 years>

This table contains evidence laws, preservation information, and preservation period.Records of Consumer Protection in Conservation of Evidence Act, Commercial Act, Framework Act on National Taxes, Income Tax Act, Corporate Tax Act, Value-Added Tax Act Payment, Goods, etc., Records of Commercial Books and Business, Exhibit Documents, etc.

<Preservation period: 3 years>

This table contains evidence laws, preservation information, and preservation period.Act on Consumer Protection in Preservation of Evidence Act, Information, e-commerce, etc. Records of consumer complaints or disputes settlement

<Preservation period: 3 months>

This table contains evidence laws, preservation information, and preservation period.Records of visits to the website of the Information and Communication Secret Protection Act for preservation of evidence laws.

  1. Application of the personal information expiration date system.

According to the Personal Information Validity System, the company notifies members who have not used the service for a year 30 days before the expiration date and stores their personal information separately, and destroys it without delay after storing it for four years.


Use of collected personal information and provide it to a third party

  1. The customer's personal information shall be notified to the customer through the terms and conditions of use and personal information processing policies, etc., and shall not be used beyond the same range or provided to third parties. If personal information is provided to a third party, consent shall be sought after notifying the member in advance of the "purpose of use of the recipient and the recipient, the items of personal information provided, retention, and duration", and if the member disagrees, it shall not be provided. However, if a member does not provide personal information to a third party in using the affiliated service, or if the affiliated service benefits cannot be applied, the purpose and disadvantages of refusal of consent will be guided.

  2. However, this is the reason prescribed by laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Act, and in each of the following cases, the member's personal information may be used or provided to a third party without the consent of the member.

(1) Where necessary for the settlement of charges according to the provision of services,

(2) Where there are special provisions in other laws such as the Communications Secret Protection Act, the Framework Act on National Taxes, the Information and Communication Network Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Local Tax Act, and the Criminal Procedure Act.

However, if there are special provisions in the law, personal information of members is not provided unconditionally even if requested by administrative offices or investigative agencies for administrative or investigative purposes, and only if it can be confirmed by relevant data, such as a warrant or agency head's seal.

  1. The company provides personal information as follows to use the service and proceed with the event. (You can check the website of Koala host/company, event organizer.)

<Presented by>

Hosted by Koala /Company.

This table includes the items provided, purpose of provision, retention, and period of use.Preservation and period of use of the purpose of providing the items provided.

  1. Buyer information (ID, name, mobile phone number, e-mail)

  2. Information on cancellation and refund.

  3. Receiver's information (name, mobile phone number, or landline phone number), address of the delivery destination,

  4. Invoice number.

  5. Name, portal ID, date of birth, country, gender, homepage ID (when purchasing a product).

  6. Handling of tasks necessary for the performance of contracts, such as purchasing, canceling, refunding, and customer counseling on the Koala site.

  7. Three months from the date of completion of the provision of goods or services in response to fraudulent reservations (if necessary to preserve them under relevant laws, keep them for the relevant retention period)

Trayd Co., Ltd.

This table includes the items provided, purpose of provision, retention, and period of use. The purpose of providing and period of use is to provide new radio usage information, purchase details, activity history, etc., integrated management of payment details in member rating services, personalized content recommendation services, and withdrawal from the new radio service.

Event organizer.

This table includes the items provided, purpose of provision, retention, and period of use. Preservation and period of use of the provision item ID, name, mobile phone number, (in case of delivery product) address

(It may vary depending on the event) The winners of the event will be held for three months after the end of the lottery and prize delivery event, and in principle, if the purpose of use is achieved, it will be destroyed without delay.

Procedures and methods for destroying personal information

After the purpose of using the collected personal information is achieved, the information will be destroyed without delay depending on the storage period and the period of use. The procedure and method of destruction are as follows.

  1. Procedure for destruction.

Personal information entered by customers for service subscription, etc., will be deleted or destroyed after being stored for a certain period of time according to internal policies and other reasons for preservation under related laws.

  1. How to destroy it.

Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by crushing or incinerating with a grinder or dissolving chemical treatment, and personal information stored in electronic file form is deleted using a technical method that cannot be reproduced.

The rights of members and legal representatives and the method of exercising themselves.

  1. Members can view or correct the registered member's personal information at any time. If you want to view or correct your personal information, you can directly view or correct it by clicking Change Member Information.

  2. You can withdraw your consent to collect/use/provide personal information through membership registration at any time. For withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal information (withdrawal from membership), you can apply directly by clicking "withdrawal from membership".

  3. If it is difficult to correct or delete personal information (withdraw membership) directly due to unavoidable reasons, you may request correction or deletion through written, telephone, e-mail, etc., and the company will take action without delay.

  4. If a member or his/her legal representative requests access, proof, or correction of personal information, he/she shall faithfully respond to the member's request, and if it is deemed necessary to correct or delete personal information, such as errors or expiration of preservation period, he/she shall take action without delay.

  5. The company is taking protective measures to prevent children and legal representatives from being disadvantaged by personal information provided by children under the age of 14 (hereinafter referred to as "children").

(1) If you collect personal information for a child's service subscription, use personal information of movement beyond the scope of consent obtained at the time of initial service subscription, or provide it to a third party, you are required to obtain the consent of the child's legal representative.

(2) In order to obtain the consent of the legal representative, the minimum necessary information such as the name and contact information of the legal representative may be requested. In this case, the purpose of collecting, using, or providing personal information and the purpose of the legal representative's consent are notified to the child in a simple expression that children can easily understand.

(3) The personal information of the legal representative collected to obtain the consent of the legal representative shall not be used or provided to a third party other than for the purpose of confirming the consent of the legal representative.

(4) The legal representative may withdraw consent to collect, use, or provide personal information for children under the age of 14 and may request correction of personal information provided by children under the age of 14.

  1. In the case of paragraphs 4 and 5 above, if you postpone, restrict, or refuse to view, prove, or correct personal information, such as when it is specified as the subject of collection or storage, we will inform you of the reasons and customer's objection.

  2. If a member himself or a legal representative of a member under the age of 14 requests inspection or certification, a certificate of attorney, seal certificate, a copy of the requestor or agent's ID card, etc. shall be presented to verify his or her true intention and agent.

  3. Personal information terminated, deleted, or corrected at the request of a member or legal representative shall be processed as specified in the "keeping period and usage period of personal information" and shall not be viewed or used for other purposes.


Member's duty

  1. Members should accurately enter their personal information in the latest state to prevent unexpected accidents in advance so that they can receive information on important matters such as securing the right to self-determination of personal information, changes, suspension/termination of Koala services, etc. Members are responsible for the consequences of incorrect information input, and membership may be lost if false information such as theft of information by others is entered.

  2. Members have the right to protect their personal information, as well as the obligation to protect themselves and not infringe on other people's Members should carefully manage their personal information, including their ID and password, so that it does not leak, and be careful not to damage other people's personal information and reputation, including posts. If you fail to fulfill this responsibility and damage other people's information, you can be punished by related laws such as the Information and Communication Network Act.

  3. In particular, if you terminate the service after using the service on a PC or other terminal that you use jointly, please log out and close the website. Otherwise, there is a risk that the member's personal information may be easily leaked or changed to others through the browser.


Technical/management measures to protect personal information

  1. Technical measures.

The following technical measures are applied to ensure safety so that members' personal information is not lost, stolen, leaked, altered or damaged.

(1) Members' personal information is managed using an internal network that cannot be accessed and intruded from an external network, and important data is thoroughly protected through separate security functions by encrypting files and transport data or using a file lock function.

(2) Personal information processing systems and information devices used by personal information handlers are taking measures to prevent personal information infringement by installing vaccine programs to always check and process the penetration of malicious programs such as computer viruses and spies. In addition, the vaccine program is updated periodically, and in the event of a sudden virus, it is applied as soon as the vaccine comes out to prevent personal information from being violated.

(3) We adopt a security device that can safely transmit personal information on the network through the use of cryptographic algorithms.

(4) In preparation for external intrusion such as hacking, intrusion prevention systems and intrusion detection systems are operated to protect the in-house network, and access control systems are installed for each server to enhance security.

  1. Management measures.

(1) The Koala service provides opportunities for improvement after receiving verification from independent screening agencies every year whether the information protection and personal information protection management system meets domestic and international certification screening standards.

(2) In order to protect personal information safely, we are responding quickly to changes in laws and systems of related agencies and strengthening the level of management.

(3) We prepare procedures necessary for access and management of personal information so that our employees can be familiar with and comply with it.

(4) We are limiting the number of people who can process personal information to a minimum. Those who can process the member's personal information are as follows.

  1. A person who performs marketing business directly or indirectly against a member.

  2. Person in charge of personal information management, such as a person in charge of personal information protection and a person in charge of personal information protection, etc.

  3. A person who is inevitable to process other business personal information.

(5) When processing a member's personal information using a computer, an ID and password are assigned to a person with access to personal information, passwords are updated regularly, and periodic audits of access records and forgery and alteration of access records are implemented.

(6) Regular and irregular in-house training and external consignment training are provided to new employees for personal information handlers regarding the obligation to acquire new security technologies and protect personal information.

(7) When new employees are hired and outsourced personnel are deployed, internal procedures are continuously prepared and implemented to prevent information leakage by employees and key personnel in advance and to audit the implementation and compliance of information protection guidelines.

(8) When employees retire and withdraw outsourced personnel, they sign a confidentiality pledge so that those who processed the member's personal information do not damage, infringe, or divulge the member's personal information they have learned from their duties.

(9) The handover of personal information handlers is thoroughly carried out while security is maintained, and clearly stipulates responsibility for personal information infringement accidents after joining and leaving the company.


The person in charge of personal information protection

  1. The company values the protection of members' personal information the most, and does its best to prevent damage, infringement, or leakage of members' personal information. In the event of an infringement of a member's personal information due to reasons attributable to the company, notify the member according to the procedures and methods prescribed by relevant laws, such as the Personal Information Protection Act and the Information and Communication Network Act, and report to the relevant agency. However, despite technical security measures under the relevant laws, we are not responsible for damage to information caused by unexpected accidents caused by basic network risks such as hacking and various disputes caused by posts written by visitors.

  2. The company has designated a person in charge of personal information protection as follows and operates a personal information protection organization to handle complaints and remedy damages related to members' personal information. The company requires the Customer Support Center to respond quickly and sincerely to inquiries related to personal information protection, such as reading, correcting, withdrawing consent, and extending the validity period. Also, if a member wants to contact a person in charge of personal information protection, please contact us by contact information or e-mail below and we will answer your questions quickly and sincerely.

The person in charge of personal information protection and the department in charge.

Kim HyunJin is in charge.

Call 02-857-0305.

Personal information protection team in charge.


  1. If you need counseling on other personal information infringement, you can contact the Korea Internet & Security Agency's Personal Information Infringement Reporting Center or the National Police Agency's Cyber Safety Bureau.

[Korea Internet & Security Agency Personal Information Infringement Report Center]

[Police Agency Cyber Investigation Department]

[The Supreme Prosecutors' Office Cybercrime Investigation Team]


Notification or notification method of personal information processing policy

  1. Personal information processing policies can be changed according to changes in related laws and guidelines, internal operational policies, etc. If there is any addition, deletion, or amendment to the personal information processing policy, the reason for the change and its contents will be announced through the "Notice" on the website at least 7 days before the revision. However, if there is an important change in the members' rights in the collection and use of personal information, it will be notified at least 30 days in advance.

  2. If all or part of the business is transferred or merged or inherited, notify the members individually through written or e-mail, etc., and notify them for more than 30 days so that they can be identified on the first screen of the website. However, if you do not know the customer's contact information without negligence or if there is a justifiable reason for notification of genius/disaster, you may announce the area more than once (if most of the customers live in a specific area).


Matters concerning the installation/operation of an automatic collection device of personal information and its refusal

  1. We install/operate cookies that store customer information and find it frequently through Internet services. Cookie refers to string information that a web server sends to a web browser, saves it, and sends it back to the server when there is an additional request from the server. When a member accesses the website, he or she can read the contents of the cookie in the member's browser, find additional information, and provide the service without additional input such as the name of the connection.

  2. Cookie information can be used for the following purposes.

(1) Provide differentiated information according to an individual's field of interest.

(2) By analyzing the frequency of access or time of stay of members and non-members, the user's taste and interests are identified and used for target marketing.

(3) Trace the traces of the contents you have looked around with interest and provide personalized services the next time you access it.

(4) Information on the period of use when using paid services.

(5) Analysis of customers' habits and use them as a measure of service reorganization, etc.

  1. Members have the option to install cookies.

You can accept all cookies at the top of the web browser under Tools>Internet Options>Personal Information>Advanced, send a notification when cookies are installed, or reject all cookies. However, if a member refuses to install cookies, there may be inconvenience in using the service or difficulties in providing the service.

  1. Cookies expire at the end of your browser or when you log out.


link site

  1. You can provide members with links to other companies' websites or materials through the website. In this case, we do not take responsibility or guarantee the usefulness of services or materials provided from external sites.

  2. If you click the link included in the website and move it to a page on another site, Koala's Privacy Policy will no longer apply to the use of the site.


Matters concerning the transmission and rejection of advertising information

  1. Advertisement information for profit is not transmitted without the prior consent of the members, and if the relevant information is transmitted, follow the methods prescribed by relevant laws and take necessary measures.

  2. The company collects minimal behavioral information for online customized advertisements.



(Enforcement Date) These terms and conditions will take effect on November 13, 2021.

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