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Terms and conditions of paid service.

Article 1 (Purpose)

The terms and conditions aim to stipulate legal relations and other related matters between the company and its members in using Newdio, a wired and wireless Internet news curation service (mobile app service) provided by Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company").

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

  1. The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.

  2. "Membership" means that a person who intends to use a Newdio service or paid service (also referred to as a "customer") agrees to the Newdio terms and conditions and enters into a contract with the company. If you sign up as a member, the customer becomes a member of the Newdio Service.

  3. "Membership withdrawal" means that a member voluntarily terminates or gives up legal relations such as all rights and obligations arising from the conclusion of the Newdio Terms and Conditions of Use or the Newdio Paid Service.

  4. "Paid service" means a company's service or license (product) that a member can use only when paying a certain amount to the company, or a company's service or license (product) that is used in exchange for accepting transactions or terms of agreement with the company or third party. Details of the paid service are detailed on the purchase page of each service or voucher (product) and the payment page of the service or voucher (product). Simply subscribing to Newdio, receiving Newdio Cash from a company or a third party, and affiliated services entered through contracts with paid content providers and companies connected to the site are not considered paid services by the company, and these terms and conditions do not apply.

  5. The term "paid member" refers to a member who purchased a paid service by paying a separate amount, and a member who uses the company's paid service by participating in events or marketing determined by the company or a third party.

  6. The term "free member" means a member who is not a paid member and is basically qualified to be granted to all members after signing up as a member.

  7. "Newdio Cash" refers to cyber money that a member directly charges or generates through payment under Article 5 (payment method, etc.), or receives as a refund for events, promotions, consent to other transactions, agreements, conditions, etc., or as a means of payment on the paid service of Newdio.

  8. Charging refers to a member's act of obtaining Newdio Cash by paying Newdio Cash in cash through various payment means provided by the company to purchase or use the service, and is charged at a ratio of 1 won per cash.

  9. "Subscription Payment" means that a member pays a certain amount of money set by the company to the company through various payment means to use a specific paid service.

  10. "Purchase" refers to the act of paying the price by selecting the paid service that the member wants to use so that the company can accept the paid service and provide the paid service and requesting a deduction from the New Radio Cash equal to the value of the paid service.

  11. The definition of terms used in these terms and conditions shall be as prescribed by the relevant statutes and guidance by service, except as prescribed in paragraph (1).


Article 3 (Effect/Change of Terms, etc.)

  1. These terms and conditions take effect when a member who wishes to use paid service or Newdio Cash agrees, and if a member clicks the "Agreed" button on these terms and conditions, he/she fully understands and agrees to the application.

  2. The company may amend these terms and conditions to the extent that they do not violate the relevant laws and regulations. If the company revises the terms and conditions, it will specify the date of application and the reason for the change and notify the website 15 days before the date of application. However, in the event of a change in terms and conditions unfavorable to the member, the amendment will be marked so that the customer can easily understand it, notified 30 days before the application date, and notified to the member individually through e-mail address and text message. If it is difficult to notify individual members due to not entering or changing the member's contact information, or if it is returned more than twice even though the member has notified the registered contact information, it is considered to have been notified individually.

  3. The company notified the notice or notification of paragraph (3) that if the member does not express his/her refusal by the application/enforcement date of the revised terms and conditions, but if the member does not express his/enforcement date. Members who have expressed their refusal to amend/change terms and conditions may choose to terminate the contract or withdraw from the membership.

  4. The company takes necessary technical measures to ensure that members can print and verify all of these terms and conditions.

  5. In principle, these terms and conditions shall be applied from the date the member agrees to these terms and conditions until the member withdraws from the membership. However, some provisions of these terms and conditions may be valid even after members withdraw.

  6. All provisions of these paid service terms and conditions apply first to the relevant provisions of the Newdio Terms and Conditions, and if the definition and content of the terms and conditions conflict, the relevant provisions of these terms and conditions apply. Matters not specified in these terms and conditions shall be governed by relevant laws such as the Content Industry Promotion Act, the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc., and the Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions.


Article 4 (Restriction of the establishment and acceptance of a contract for the use of paid services)

  1. Subscription paid services and contracts for Newdio Cash are established only by applying for use with an expression of intention to agree to these terms and conditions (choose to agree) and the company approves them.

  2. Before signing a paid service usage contract, members must be familiar with the matters specified and notified by the company in these terms and conditions and ensure that they can trade accurately without any mistake.

  3. The contract for the use of paid services between the company and its members is established at the time the company's consent reaches the member (when the indication of "purchase/payment completion, etc." of the paid service is marked on the member in procedure).

  4. If any reason prescribed by Newdio arises, the company may refuse to accept the application for use or withhold the consent for a certain period of time until a certain condition is achieved or the reason for restriction is resolved.

  5. When a member writes down all matters for applying for paid service use, he/she shall provide the company with accurate payment information necessary for the payment method of the paid service he/she intends to use and shall notify and reflect changes without delay.

  6. The company can collect the minimum information necessary for members to use the service in addition to the information stated in the Newdio Terms and Conditions. To this end, the members faithfully notify the company of the inquiries. In this case, the company uses and manages the information of the members collected in accordance with the terms and conditions of use of Newdio, the policy of handling personal information, and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network and Information Protection.


Article 5 (Payment Method, etc.)

  1. The payment methods that members can use for payment of paid services are as follows.

  2. Affiliated credit cards.

  3. Integrated payment of the affiliated carrier's bill.

  4. Affiliated cyber money.

  5. Affiliated gift certificates.

  6. Apple Pay. Google Pay.

  7. Newdio Cash.

  8. Payment by means of payment in which other companies enter into partnership contracts, etc. with third parties to guide members on whether payment is possible and how to do so.

  9. Through payment, members can do the following actions.

  10. Recharge the New Radio Cash.

  11. Subscribe to and purchase a paid service.

  12. Unlimited use of limited service.

  13. If a member who chooses to charge the bill at the time of monthly payment changes only the mobile phone number without changing the mobile carrier, the billing will continue with the changed mobile phone number.

  14. The company may set a monthly cumulative payment amount per member, payment limit, etc. according to changes in internal policy and external payment companies (bank companies, credit card companies, etc.) and other related laws, and members may not be able to use additional paid services due to exceeding the transaction limit.

  15. In the event of circumstances referred to in paragraph (4), the company will inform the member so that the member can check the payment availability in the relevant payment window when making the payment.


Article 6 (Newdio Cash)

  1. The Newdio Cash can be used as a payment method for paid services, and members can charge the Newdio Cash by selecting the payment method prescribed in Article 5 (payment method, etc.) of this Terms and Conditions. One won of Newdio Cash is used at the same rate as one won in cash when paying for paid services.

  2. The company is not obligated to pay financial interest to members of the New Radio Cash.

  3. Members cannot transfer Newdio Cash to others or receive it from others.

  4. After five years from the date of accumulation, the Newdio Cash will automatically disappear if there is any remaining amount of Newdio Cash, and if there is additional accumulation of Newdio Cash, it will be valid again for five years as of that date. However, Newdio Cash, which has been paid free of charge through promotions and events, can be determined separately by specifying the validity period according to the company's policy.

  5. In principle, Newdio Cash can only be refunded in full, and accumulated Newdio Cash can be refunded in cash if a member requests suspension of service (or termination of contract) or suspension of service due to reasons attributable to the member or violation of terms and conditions.

  6. Where a gift is received from another customer or a third party and accumulated.

  7. If it is accumulated through winning or participating in the event,

  8. In the case where it is accumulated by illegal means such as theft of payment, etc.,

  9. In a case where the terms and conditions of use of Newdio or the purchase page of individual licenses of these terms and conditions fall under the matters separately stipulated as grounds for prohibition.

  10. If a member requests a refund of the balance of the Newdio cache, he or she can get a full refund in cash. (However, free Newdio Cash paid through promotions, events, etc. is excluded from cash refunds.)

  11. If the balance of the Newdio cache remains upon withdrawal, it must be applied for a refund or exhausted before withdrawal. If a member voluntarily withdraws without requesting a refund even though the company informs the member of the balance of the Newdio Cash and confirms the member's intention to refund, the company deletes the member's information, and the company is not responsible for the recovery of the deleted Newdio Cash.


Article 7 (Restriction on the Use of New Radio Cash)

  1. If a member falls under any of the following subparagraphs, the company may restrict the member's use of the New Radio Cash for a period of time.

  2. In the case of transmitting a large amount of information for the purpose of interfering with the stable operation of the New Radio Cash,

  3. In the case where the user ID or password of another member is illegally used,

  4. In the case of failure to comply with laws and regulations related to financial transactions, such as the Real Name Financial Transactions and Confidentiality Act, etc.

  5. In the case of committing a criminal act or aiding or abetting a criminal act using the Newdio Cash service,

  6. The company shall not bear any responsibility for the member's failure to enter true information and management issues, and members who fail to enter true information or enter fraudulent information may be restricted from using the New Radio Cash service.

  7. If the company does not have room for systems or related facilities related to the Newsio Cash, or if there is a technical obstacle related to the company's Newsio Cash, the use of the Newsio Cash may be restricted until such reasons are resolved.

  8. Paid service.


Article 8 (Paid service and subscription member)

  1. Paid services will commence when the company approves the member's application for use (for new and some services, the date of pre-announcement after receipt of the application) and if the service cannot be initiated due to technical reasons, etc., notify the member in advance.

  2. If there is an application for use by a member, the company notifies the fact, and if there is a disagreement in the expression of intention, the member shall request correction or correction of the disagreement, and the company shall handle it at the request of the member. However, if the payment has already been made, it shall be in accordance with the provisions of Article 17 (withdrawal of subscription and cancellation of service use contract • termination).

  3. The company provides paid services as follows, and the contents of the service may be added or changed according to the company's circumstances and other conditions. The contents of each paid service are displayed in detail to members in Article 9 (News Curation-only Ticket) to Article 13 (Multilingual-only Ticket), the paid service purchase page in the app (Platform), and the Customer Center (FAQ).

  4. Classification according to the contents/attributes of the voucher/service.

  1. News curation exclusive pass: Only the news article reading service selected by the member is available.

  2. Download-only voucher: Only the download service of the news source selected by the member is available.

  3. Multi-use voucher: Both news curation and download services are available.

  4. Multi-Language Exclusive Ticket: Members can use multiple languages selected or use real-time services.

  1. Classification according to the period of use/period of service/period payment.

  1. Period expiration type voucher: A service in which the use of paid services (multilingual function, news curation) ends when the available period expires.

  2. Regular payment type voucher: A service in which the monthly usage fee is automatically paid and the period of use is automatically renewed through the payment method registered by the member.

  1. The company can provide combined services with real-time news services (multi-language translation, summary, search, etc.), and partnership services through contracts with other companies.

  2. If a member subscribes to an affiliate paid service with a mobile phone manufacturer or mobile carrier, fails to meet the terms agreed upon at the time of subscription due to suspension or suspension of the mobile phone plan, change of membership type or terminal, the company's notice must be checked in advance.

  3. If a member accesses Newdio services through a wireless network or a PC equipped with a wireless modem, etc., or uses all services and licenses through a Newdio application installed within a device connected to a wireless network, a separate data call fee will be incurred. In this case, the company is not responsible for the data call fee because the data call fee incurred is charged/claimed/received according to the communication plan concluded between the member and the carrier.

  4. Individuals, organizations, corporations ('right holders, etc') who hold the rights to service with the company may be restricted from using individual paid services or may be changed in advance or after the request of 'right holders, etc.' If there is a request from a "right holder, etc," the company can change the type of device that supports paid services and the number of devices available for each member according to the request.


Article 9 (Ticket for News Curation)

  1. A news curation-only pass is a paid service that allows members to use news curation and multilingual support in real time during the contract period or as many times as the number of agreements from the time the payment of the pass is completed.

  2. There are term expiration type and monthly payment type for news curation only.

  3. Details of conditions such as the type and payment method of the exclusive news curation voucher, the period of use, the device available, and the number of such vouchers will be posted and guided on the purchase page and payment page of the voucher.


Article 10 (Multipurpose Ticket)

  1. A multi-use ticket is a paid service in the form of a combination of news curation services and multilingual services provided by the company.

  2. There are two types of multi-use tickets: term expiration type and monthly payment type.

  3. This paid service is available after device registration, and there are a total of five registered devices, including three PCs and two other devices including mobile phones and tablet PCs. However, in the case of a specific complex license, the type and number of registered devices may be limited, which is specified on the purchase page of the license purchase page.


Article 11 (Unlimited License)

  1. Unlimited passes are paid services that can be used without restrictions on services covered with news curation and translation provided by the company for a certain period of time.

  2. Unlimited passes have a term expiration type and a monthly payment type.

  3. Detailed conditions such as the type of this paid service, payment method, period of use or playback, available devices, and their number will be posted and guided on the ticket purchase page and payment page.


Article 12 (Multi-language-translation voucher)

  1. Multilingual exclusive pass is a paid service that can only be used for multilingual content.

  2. There are exclusive multi-language passes, news curation passes, and complex passes.

  3. Multilingual exclusive passes include term expiration type and monthly payment type.

  4. The general attributes and policies of multi-language exclusive licenses apply the same as the attributes of existing paid music licenses by service.


Article 13 (Reservation for change of paid service, immediate change, etc.)

  1. In principle, paid services purchased/subscribed by members are not subject to change and are required to sign up for other passes in the following month after termination, but if members apply for change only for some passes notified and determined in advance, they can make a reservation (hereinafter referred to as "immediate change").

  2. In the case of a change reservation, you can use the existing purchased/subscribed pass until the expiration of the month in which the member requests a change, and the changed pass will be applied from the day after the expiration of the period.

  3. In the case of immediate change, if a member applies for change immediately, the use of the existing purchased/subscribed pass will be immediately suspended after the company completes the application, and the applied pass will be changed to the applied pass.

  4. In the case of "change reservation" of all licenses and "immediate change" of unlimited download licenses, no refund is made due to the nature of the change of licenses. In the case of an "immediate" change of the voucher, if there is a remaining amount of the voucher before the change as of the date of application for immediate change of the member, return it to the member or make an additional payment.

  5. In the case where the pre-change license is a download-only license/complex license,

  6. In the case where the right to use before the change is a right to use news curation,

  7. If a member who is using a term-expired download-only pass/complex pass applies for immediate change to another pass, the available paid service for the month of request for the existing pass will be extinguished immediately from the date of change process, and the company will notify the member of the change application.

  8. If there is a change in the right to use paid services, the company shall notify in advance of the facts, contents, and date of the change in accordance with the method prescribed by Article 3 of this Terms and Conditions (valid/change, etc.).


Article 14 (withdrawal of subscription and cancellation of service use contract • termination)

  1. Paid members may request the company to cancel the payment (withdraw the subscription) within seven days of the payment date only if they have not used the paid service or license at all. Cancellation of payment (withdrawal of subscription) is only available for the first, second, third, fourth, and eighth of the paid services under Article 8 (paid service and paid members). However, paid members may withdraw their subscription within 30 days of receiving the service or knowing it or knowing it if the contents of the paid service or voucher are different from the contents of the advertisement or contract.

  2. If a paid member applies for withdrawal of subscription after the subscription withdrawal period (within 7 days from the payment date), or if it falls under other related laws such as prescribed by the Consumer Protection Act, Content Industry Promotion Act, or Content User Protection Guidelines.

  3. Paid service/ticket name or news curation

  4. Transaction conditions such as price, automatic payment, withdrawal and cancellation of subscription, refund, etc.

  5. Multilingual application, available devices, and number of applications.

  6. Conditions and procedures for exchange, return, guarantee and refund of the price.

  7. Subscription withdrawal can be made by phone, e-mail, etc., and it takes effect when a member reaches the company by expressing his intention to the company, and the company replies to the member without delay after receiving the member's expression of intention.

  8. In principle, if a member confirms the withdrawal or cancellation of the subscription and has a refund amount, the company requests the suspension or cancellation of the payment to the business operator within three business days from the date of receipt of the member's expression of intention. However, there may be differences in refund method and refundable period for each payment method, as in the case where the company notified the members in advance and each of the following cases.

  9. In the case of payment methods that require payment confirmation, such as credit cards, within 3 business days from the date of receipt confirmation.

  10. In the case of a refund that has passed the relevant deadline, in the case where the business operator for each payment method has previously set a deadline for suspension of payment or cancellation of payment through an agreement with the company.

  11. In the case where a member has gained any profit or termination in the middle as a result of using a paid service/use ticket,

  12. Where a member does not immediately provide the company with information or data necessary for processing a refund.

(In the event of a cash refund, a copy of the applicant's account and ID card is not submitted, or an account in the name of another person is provided, etc.)

  1. Where there is an explicit expression of intention of the relevant member.

  2. If a member who purchased a paid service 1 item, 2 item, 3 item, 8 item of this Terms and Conditions terminates the license in the middle, the company shall deduct and refund the member's purchase within a reasonable range.

  3. The company may refund additional expenses and fees borne or borne by the company in accordance with user protection guidelines.

  4. The company is not obligated to refund services that members have not paid directly, such as receiving paid services or vouchers as gifts or obtaining free/free of charge through promotions.

  5. If a member violates the member's obligations stipulated in these terms and conditions, he/she may cancel, terminate the contract, restrict the use of services, or claim damages, and if there is an amount to be refunded after the contract is terminated, the amount to be paid shall be deducted and refunded. In this case, the member may file an objection to the company's actions according to the procedures set by the company, and if the company confirms that it is justifiable, resume the use of the service, and if the user proves that there was no intention or negligence, the company extends the period of use.

  6. In the case of a paid service under monthly payment upon the member's application or consent, the right to use the paid service may be automatically terminated on the day of arrears, so members who wish to maintain the benefits through monthly payment shall take measures in advance.

  7. If the balance of the Newdio Cash remains when withdrawing from the membership and terminating/releasing the contract, it must be refunded or exhausted before application. If the company voluntarily withdraws without requesting a refund even though the company informed the balance information of the Newdio cache and confirmed the intention to refund the member, the company will not bear any responsibility for the restoration of the Newdio cache.


Article 15 (Overdue)

  1. If an overpayment occurs in relation to the payment of paid services, the company refunds the full amount of overpayment in the same way as the payment of the usage fee. However, if it is impossible to refund in the same way, we will notify you in advance.

  2. If an overpayment occurs due to reasons attributable to the company, the full amount of the overpayment will be refunded. However, in the event of an overpayment due to reasons attributable to the member, the user must bear the cost of refunding the overpayment within a reasonable range, and the company may refund the overpayment after deducting the cost.

  3. If the company refuses to refund the overpayment required by the member, it is responsible for proving that the paid service fee has been properly charged.

  4. The company shall comply with the detailed refund procedure and other matters of the overpayment as prescribed by the content user protection guidelines as follows.

  5. When a company or a member is aware of the occurrence of overpayment, he/she notifies the other party according to the method suggested by the company, such as telephone, e-mail, etc.

  6. The company requests the member for information necessary for refund (member name, proof of payment documents, phone number, refund request account, etc.

  7. Members provide the company with information necessary for refund 2.

  8. The company processes a refund within 7 days from the date of providing information to the user.

(If there is a member's expression of intention, it will be offset from the next fee or provided by Newdio Cash.)


Article 16 (Suspension or suspension of paid services)

  1. In principle, the company provides paid services 24 hours a day, 24/7.

  2. When inspecting and repairing facilities aimed at improving services to users, the company may restrict, suspend, or suspend the provision of all or part of the Newdio cache and paid services. In this case, the company shall notify the member in advance of the reason for the suspension, the period of suspension, etc. through the method of Article 3 (valid/modified terms, etc.) of these terms and conditions, and in the case where it is inevitable below, it may notify the details and causes immediately.

  3. In a case where it is difficult to provide technical normal services due to illegal or criminal acts by a member or other unspecified third party.

  4. Where it is impossible to provide normal paid services due to system or other service facilities failure, wired and wireless network failure, or flooding of paid service use, etc.

  5. In the case of force majeure beyond the control of the company, such as other natural disasters, national emergencies, power outages, etc.,

  6. The company compensates members for damages incurred by the suspension of the service due to reasons attributable to the company other than those falling under each subparagraph of paragraph (2) as prescribed by the Content User Protection Guidelines as follows. However, cases due to force majeure, such as natural disasters, shall not be included in the following suspension of use or time of disability. In addition, in applying each subparagraph, advance notification is limited to those notified 24 hours prior to service suspension and failure.

  7. In the case of the exclusive news curation voucher and the exclusive multilingual voucher,

In the case where the business operator has not notified the service suspension or disability in advance, the user's damage relief, etc., shall be governed by the following subparagraphs. However, if the service is suspended or a failure occurs due to responsible reasons for the user, the service is not included in the service suspension•disability time.

  1. Service suspension for one month. • Where the cumulative time of disability exceeds 72 hours: Refund of usage fees and compensation for damages for the remaining period including termination or termination of contract and non-use period (provided, the business operator is not liable for damages.

  2. In the case of service suspension or disability due to responsible reasons of the business operator: service suspension. • 3 times the disability time extended free of charge.

  3. In the event of a service suspension or failure due to force majeure or illegal activities by a third party: The contract cannot be canceled, but the service suspension or disability time can be extended free of charge.

In the case where a business operator notifies in advance of service suspension or disability, the user's damage relief, etc., shall be as follows. However, when inspecting and repairing facilities for the purpose of improving services, up to 24 hours per month are not included in the suspension or failure time.

A) Service suspension on a one-month basis. • Where the disability time exceeds 24 hours: The period of use is extended free of charge by 24 hours and twice the time exceeding it.

B) Service suspension on a one-month basis. • Where the disability time does not exceed 24 hours: suspension. • Extension of the time corresponding to the disability time for free.

  1. In the case of news curation and multi-lingual usage rights,

If there is a defect in news curation (in the case of multi-lingual usage rights) itself, the company must resupply full news curation (in the case of multi-lingual usage rights) to its members, and if it fails to provide full service within 24 hours, it pays the corresponding fee.

  1. The company may amend, suspend, or change some or all of the services provided free of charge for important reasons in the company's policy or operation, and shall not provide any compensation unless otherwise provided for in the relevant laws and regulations.

  2. The obligations of the contracting party, compensation for damages, etc.


Article 17 (Member's obligations, Company's actions in case of violation, etc.)

  1. When using paid services and Newdio Cash provided by the company, members shall comply with relevant laws, terms and conditions, detailed usage guidelines, service information and precautions on the app or site, and shall not undermine the reputation of other companies and others or interfere with the operation of services.

  2. Members are responsible for managing IDs and passwords and should not be used by others other than themselves. In violation of this, the member is responsible for the consequences of using the paid service and Newdio cache using the member's personal information. Members should not steal or illegally use personal information such as other people's names, IDs, passwords, mobile phone numbers, account numbers, credit card numbers, etc.

  3. Members shall not use paid services and Newdio Cash for profit, such as business activities, prohibited under these terms and conditions, or use outside the permitted range, except as permitted by the company in advance.

  4. Members shall not engage in illegal acts, good customs, or other acts contrary to social order in the process of using paid services and Newdio Cash, nor shall they trade Newdio Cash for a fee with a third party or convert it into cash.

  5. Members shall not use information obtained from paid services and Newdio Cash for purposes other than the use of the service without prior consent of the company.

  6. Members must purchase paid services and use them within the scope of private use, and cannot use them in businesses, stores, etc. for profit. In addition, the member himself shall not illegally distribute or share the contents recorded or downloaded from the service, and shall be responsible for any problems arising from the violation.

(In this case, infringement of copyrights by third parties at home and abroad, including infringement of copyrights by third parties, such as intentionally or through means and methods of deceiving the company, even though the company has taken technical measures such as blocking IP access.)

  1. In the event of a member's violation under paragraphs (1) to (6), the company may notify the member of the violation and suspend the provision of services for one month, and may cancel or terminate the service use contract in the event of a recurrence of the violation. The company's expression of intention in this paragraph will take effect from the date it reaches the member. Members may file an objection to the cancellation/termination of the company and suspension of use according to the procedures set by the company. In this case, if the user proves that there was no intention or negligence, or if the company admits that the member's objection is justified, the company extends the period of use by the period of suspension of the account.

  2. Members who do not enter true information regarding the use of paid services are not legally protected and may be restricted from using the service.

  3. If a minor member under civil law intends to use a paid service or license, the minor himself or legal representative may cancel the contract if he or she does not obtain consent from his or her legal representative (parents) or obtain approval after signing the contract. Children under the age of 14 must obtain consent from their legal representatives when providing information to use the service.

  4. In order to use harmful media for teenagers, they must be members aged 19 or older (including those who reach the age of 19 on January 1st), and must obtain adult certification through certification measures under the Information and Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act. If you are not certified, the use of the service will be restricted.


Article 18 (Compensation for Damage)

  1. If the content, which is the content of the paid service provided by the company, is damaged, damaged, or deleted due to a service defect, the company compensates the member for the restoration of the content or accumulation of Newdio Cash. In the event of damage to a member, the company compensates only the actual damage to the member. However, the company shall not be liable for any damages incurred to its members without intention or negligence. In the event that the company suffers damage to members of paid services due to reasons attributable to the company not specified in these terms and conditions, the company shall comply with the relevant provisions and other correlations of the "Content User Protection Guidelines" in relation to the company's liability.

  2. If a customer is restricted from using the service or terminated based on each regulation related to the restriction of use of these terms and conditions, the customer's right to use all digital content is lost and the company is not obligated to return the purchase price of the digital content.

  3. If a member damages the company due to a violation of the obligations under these terms and conditions, or if a member damages the company when using the Newdio Cash or paid service, the member shall compensate the company for the damage.


Article 19 (Exemption)

  1. The company shall not be liable for damages incurred to members or third parties due to the following reasons.

  2. In a case where it is impossible to provide New Radio Cash or paid services due to natural disasters or equivalent force majeure.

  3. Where a member neglects to manage his/her ID or password, etc.

  4. In a case where it is impossible to use the service due to a failure of public communication lines other than the company's management area,

  5. In the case of a failure in communication services, etc., without other reasons attributable to the company,

  6. The company shall not be liable for damages caused by members' failure to obtain or lose the profits expected by using the Newdio cache or paid service, or selection or use of posts posted on the service. In addition, members are not responsible for the accuracy of posts such as reviews and ratings posted on the site.

  7. The Company is not obligated to intervene in disputes arising from Newdio Cash or paid services between members or between members and third parties, and is not liable to compensate for damages caused by this unless the Company is attributable.


Article 20 (Dispute Resolution)

  1. In the event of a dispute between the company and its members regarding the use of paid services, the company and its members may faithfully consult to resolve the dispute, and if not, apply for dispute settlement to the Content Dispute Mediation Committee under the Content Industry Promotion Act.

  2. If the dispute is not resolved pursuant to the preceding paragraph, both parties may file a lawsuit, and the jurisdiction of the lawsuit between the company and its members shall be based on the address of the user at the time of filing, and if there is no address, the district court having jurisdiction over the residence.

  3. If the address or residence of the member is not clear at the time of filing, the competent court shall be determined in accordance with the Civil Procedure Act.



(Enforcement Date) These terms and conditions will take effect on November 13, 2021.

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